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In Memoriam
In Memoriam Wim Breedveld

Wim Breedveld (November 24. 1935 - January 4. 2014)

On behalf of SCIJ Netherlands, it is with deep regret that we have to inform the SCIJ community of the unexpected and untimely passing of Wim Breedveld, long-time team member of the Dutch SCIJ, on Jan. 4th 2014.
Wim passed away peacefully after a stroke, at the age of 78, in his home in Tienhoven, a village close to Utrecht.

A city desk editor and newspaper journalist for many years, Wim was a man of the written word. He was a quiet and friendly man, a soft-spoken and sometimes-contemplative guy with a gentle sense of humour and a kind spirit, that made him many lasting friendships in his professional career at the Utrechts Nieuwsblad, where he spent most of his career, and within the SCIJ community.

Within SCIJ, he was a valued longtime team member that deeply enjoyed the annual meetings during his active career, up until the late nineties. Thanks to his language skills, he was a familiar face at many nation tables.

His biggest success in SCIJ was not a medal of any kind, but probably that meeting in Andorra, 1988, where he personally managed to bring along more then a hundred fresh orchids, each in a box with mini-watertube, as a gift to all ladies in SCIJ, just before dinner.

Some ladies, on their very first trip from behind the Iron Curtain, had never seen an orchid in their life, let alone one that was packed in a special box with water supply. Those faces were unforgettable.

Wim loved to ski, but more than that, he was a passionate hiker.
After his professional career, he kept on writing for various magazines – not about local politics this time, but dedicated to the world of hiking.

He managed to interview a lot of usually media-shy international celebrities about the passion they shared – something he deeply enjoyed.
He spent most of his latter years in the quiet of the outdoors, hiking, spending his time with his cherished family and grandchildren, and a circle of close friends.


rouwkaart Wim Breedveld
obit Wim Breedveld