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Dutch pea soup
Recipe real Dutch pea soup

Pea soup travelled 28.000 kilometer and ended in the wastebin

It started years and years ago. After the introduction of the Nations Evening during SCIJ meetings the Dutch SCIJ-team brought jenever and advocaat to the meeting. But…….. there was always so much alcohol and nice food from all over the world that we decided to introduce something different: the real Dutch erwtensoep (pea soup recipe). During the winter Dutch people serve pea soup with smoked sausage and rye bread and lard.

Lucky shot

The Dutch SCIJ-team decided to serve the soup after the cross country race. It was a ’lucky shot’. After the 3 or 5 kilometer track, most competitors are happy they finished the race, they are exhausted and like some drinks and enjoy the Dutch pea soup. Always served by members of the Dutch team (they are happy it’s impossible to compete and to prepare the soup at the same time). Koos Bloemsma, the Dutch veteran with over 30 meetings on his record, became the past years a real specialist in preparing pea soup in foreign kitchens. Abetone, Oukaimeden, Ushuaia, it was Koos who learned the Italian, Moroccan and Argentinean cooks and their kitchen helpers how to prepare the pea soup.

Dried and vacuum

When a SCIJ-meeting is held in Europe and we travel by car, we often take the 30-50 liter soup in big cans. For destinations as Morocco and Argentina we needed to change to the alternative: dried soup and vacuum packed sausages. Plus plastic spoons and cups to serve the soup. The parcel for Argentina was just over 7 kilo’s. It was shipped on August 7 from the Netherlands (normally shipping time 10 days) but then ……… disappeared until the meeting in Ushuaia started. Pablo, Roberto and Viviana tried to find the parcel. Finally, they located the soup in Rio Gallegos, the last big town before Ushuaia.

Maria’s place

In the meantime we had a wonderful day just outside Ushuaia close to the Ruta Nacional 3 where we raced at Maria’s place, the Argentinean Olympic biathlon racer who now runs a nice place with a restaurant, huskies, snow mobiles, snowshoe walking and cross country skiing. Again Koos went into the kitchen where he prepared with fresh ingredients a nice and wonderful Argentinean/Dutch pea soup with Maria’s mother. As everybody knows, the Dutch crown princess is from Argentinean origin, so the ties between the two countries are really close!!

Give away

We decided to give the parcel with soup and sausages, whenever it would arrive, to Maria and her people. However, after three wonderful days in sunny Buenos Aires and surroundings, and returning home, we got the message that there has been a slight problem in Ushuaia and that they returned the parcel.

28.000 kilometer

After 28.000 kilometer the parcel arrived back in the Netherlands. The two cans with dried soup had been opened and the content was spread all over the parcel. For one reason or another, the parcel was opened by Argentinean customs. They took 100 plastic cups and 100 spoons and closed the parcel again. The parcel and sausages were completely covered with the green dried soup, that smelled really heavenly. The vacuum sausages were even after a journey around the world very tasteful. A pity that the parcel couldn’t be delivered at Maria’s place.

Peter Daalder

Pea soup
Pea soup